Good Vibrations: bringing radio drama to life

16 December 2015, 18:30
Cambridge campus

There has been relatively little disruption to sound design and radio production methods since the introduction of digital and non-linear audio editing in the 90s. However, new technologies and audience demand for new experiences mean audio production and sound design is currently undergoing a mini-revolution.

In this presentation Eloise Whitmore will discuss how technological change has impacted the production process and how, in turn, sound design influences storytelling. The talk will cover the resurgence in demand of binaural and look at cutting edge production methods such as object based audio and 3D sound design. The talk will be illustrated by Eloise’s work on a project with Bjork at MoMA, and numerous projects for the BBC.

Event Details

16 December 2015, 18:30
Cambridge campus
LAB 214