Our story

The inside of a pair of VR goggles

We changed our name. But why?

The Cultures of the Digital Economy (CoDE) was a name that served us well. When we started in 2009, the digital economy was rapidly developing. Today, we live in a world that is digital-by-default and where technological innovations have dramatically reshaped the way people communicate at a global level.

The result is a higher volume of data than ever before, producing a rapid exchange of ideas, cultural convergence, identity construction, confusion and misinformation. As a result, stable narrative patterns of communication are breaking down.

It is important that our research institute responds to these developments. By using narrative as a tool for interpretation and investigation, our institute aims to unlock multiple ways for people to experience the world and their place within it.

Why StoryLab?

StoryLab is an interdisciplinary research institute that interrogates and generates innovative multimodal stories.

We examine cultural, creative and technological convergence to draw attention to existing and emerging narrative forms, including audio and visual practice, user experience, distribution platforms and their role in transforming or informing society.

Multimodal storytelling uses multiple types of narrative modes to tell a story in an experiential way, including:

  • film
  • data visualisation
  • sound
  • photography
  • generative art
  • digital media
  • traditional forms of storytelling: creative writing, illustration, painting, literature, music and performance

We also explore a number of distribution platforms including: single, interactive and multiscreen platforms, immersive platforms such as MR, AR and VR, exhibitions, and traditional and digital publishing.


Working across a range of disciplines, we are able to explore current themes such as identity, truth, environment, migration and wellbeing. This can be especially relevant for projects and organisations that seek audiences to understand complex issues.

Our interdisciplinary research investigates how innovative approaches to storytelling can help enable audiences to develop empathy, deepen understanding, encourage participation and establish common ground.