Vulnerable Selves

A man filming a girl wearing a Go-Pro camera

Dual perspectives, immersive media, and the narrative of vulnerability

In this project, StoryLab critically explore the lived experience and interpretation of vulnerability, and investigate the possibilities and limitations of using immersive media through an observational case study of emerging filmmakers. Situated within 'me too' and representation in the media, the project explores how gender inequalities are built into and reproduced through filmmaking.

Against this background, this project considers the possibilities of mediating the gendered dimensions of vulnerability through immersive mediation. Although, most recently, the question of immersion was most prominently raised by to developments in virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, the field of 'immersive mediation' is not limited to such novel media technologies.

The research project, therefore, uses filmmaking techniques to create an immersive experience. These techniques are employed by the filmmakers to creatively engage the issue of vulnerability and by the researchers to document the production process. To what degree can narrative film immerse the viewer in another's point-of-view to the effect of placing the viewer in another's vulnerable positionality?