The Crossing

A woman surrounded by fragments of shattered images

The Crossing Interactive is an immersive cross-platform project which explores the story of young girl sex trafficked into a multibillion dollar organised industry through the 'lover boy' technique.

Her story unfolds through a number of responsive interconnected screens using intense sound design and perspective shifting visuals.

The film takes as its starting point the concept of ‘hope’ and its gradual unfurling reality into an exploitation of trust to perpetuate a $150 billion world trade in 21 million people. A third of which are children. The result is an intense and immersive exploration of the destructive consequences of human trafficking through a heightened audio-visual experience.

This is a transdisciplinary project utilising sound design (by Rob Toulson) and visual effects in collaboration with industry practitioners including Patron Emma Thompson, Producer Colin Burrows (Special Treats), Drone Operators The Helicopter Girls and award winning cinematographer Nicola Daley.

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Dr Shreepali Patel, Director of StoryLab, is a BAFTA award winning filmmaker, co-director of Emmy award winning production company Eyeline Films and academic in Film and Television Production. With over 30 broadcast documentaries, drama and BBC Radio 4 documentaries to her name, she has built up extensive experience of filming worldwide and negotiating access to and filming in sensitive, hostile environments to high-profile political and celebrity arenas.