Safe and Sound Drive

The side of a car driving down a tunnel

Amidst an increasing market for in-vehicle information systems and advanced driver assistance, this project involves the design of a serious game for cars that will help drivers to increase eco-driving skills, lower fuel consumption and encourage safe and environmentally-friendly approaches to driving.

Dr Arne Nykänen combined his successful experience of efficient product sound design, already implemented at Volvo and Scana, with our track record in creative and user-centred design, serious gaming, mobile applications and sound design for theatre and film. Combining this expertise enables the introduction of sound-based serious gaming in cars.

These systems help the driver to pay attention to critical events (eg collision warnings and blind spot information systems) or deliver important information (e.g. speed limits and navigation instructions). However, safety and environmental impact are most of all dependent on the behaviour and attitude of the driver.

The major outcomes of the project were a demonstrator of a serious game implemented in a car, a mobile app publicly available for download, demonstrations at science centres in the UK and Sweden, three journal papers, participation in four conferences, and a new European expert network with partners from academia as well as car, game and audio engineering industry.

Dr Arne Nykänen, Associate Professor of Luleå University of Technology, joined StoryLab (formerly CoDE) as Marie Sklodowska-Curie European Fellow to lead the Safe and Sound Drive project.