Immersive Movement

Three stills of a man performing dance moves

Narrative-driven performance to enhance mobility in the elderly and disabled through live action virtual reality

StoryLab, in collaboration with Dr Eva Aymami Rene, Dr Stephen Oxnard and Tim Kobin, investigate the production processes and conceptualisation of dance through live action virtual reality.

The project primarily explores the universal connection of dance and movement through a series of prototype testing. Themes of feeling, movement and intimacy through performance are extrapolated within a rapidly developing technological world. The methodological processes call for questions around production such as how two-dimensional directors establish a 360-degree visual language and a new choreographic language will emerge in directing actors and performers within this space.

The prototype testing will establish the impact that sound design has on driving a choreographed narrative from immersive filming perspectives, including using audio to represent human bio-rhythms. The team explore the operative challenges of fixed wide-angle lenses on a multi-camera 360 rig and the subsequent experiential impact on the user/viewer. The dance form will be embraced to explore ways to generate inclusivity with the VR experience.

Pressure is a live action choreographed VR film that immerses the audience in the life of a contemporary dancer. The audience experience her journey via a series of internal and external perspectives as she prepares to perform on stage. Her internal feelings, as she dances through the immersive landscape, are projected through the vehicle of a second ambiguous dance partner. The film is both visually and sonically choreographed as musically timed sound design is employed to reflect our dancers’ movements and interaction with her environment.