Creative Practice Methodologies

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StoryLab engages in a continuous exploration of creative practice methodologies

As part of this project, StoryLab ran a series of workshops addressing creative practice methodology between November 2017 and March 2018. These events produced cross-disciplinary conversations through roundtable discussions, presentations, and technical demonstrations in the field of creative practice research that attracted researchers as well as graduate students.

These included:

  • Practice-based research: A one-hour workshop for the academic and PGR community

    The first workshop of the series facilitated discussions on practice-based research to trigger pathways for future individual and collaborative research and practice. The event explored the value of a practice-based approach to research, provided insights into the from research interests of fellow academics, and identified potential opportunities for future collaborations.

  • Showcasing creative practice methodologies

    Building on the foundations laid by the first workshop, the second event featured paper presentations, technical demonstrations, artworks, poster presentations, and work in progress. It provided insight into a range of approaches to creative practice methodology.

  • Panel discussion on practice-based research

    The third event in the series featured presentations by Dr Sergio Fava, Dr Becky Palmer, and Prof Martin Salisbury. Their opening presentations were followed by a panel discussion.


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