About the conference

Cultures of the Digital Economy conference 2016 banner showing man's face created by computer graphics

12-13 May 2016
Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge

We are delighted to announce the schedule for CoDE 2016: Case Studies on Creative Communication. 

Academics and practitioners from a range of disciplines will present research related to the conference theme under three different categories:

Conference Theme: Case Studies on Creative Communication

Art and creative digital media have the ability to communicate, educate and inspire people in the most powerful ways. Creative communication describes the sharing and exploration of non-arts knowledge and data in a creative manner – utilising, for example, art, storytelling, gameplay, filmmaking, sound and music, animation and curated exhibitions.

By engaging in creative communication, it has been observed that detailed scientific, technical and even political material can be presented to a wide, non-specialist audience, enhancing impact, engagement, interaction and education. Creative communication has been used effectively in disseminating stories related to healthcare, technology, politics, military, heritage and environmental issues, as well as supporting new approaches to education, brand perception and commercial marketing. The CoDE 2016 conference invites participants to showcase and disseminate their own case studies and stories of creative communication.

The conference will include a special opening event for ‘The Crossing: communicating issues of human trafficking through digital art exhibition’ in the Ruskin Digital Gallery, and will close with a special short poetry performance by Robin Lamboll. Robin is a physicist who uses poetry to spread scientific ideas entertainingly, and is the reigning Vogon Poetry Slam champion.

Conference Chair:
Dr Rob Toulson

Conference Co-Chairs:
Dr Mariana Lopez – Papers and Presentations
Dr Arne Nykanen – Digital Demonstrations

Conference Organising Committee:
Marques Hardin
Andra Ivanescu
Richard Kearns
Graeme Parker
Jason Slater