Memory and Perception Research Area

The Memory and Perception Research Area brings together scientists who conduct research aimed at understanding how the brain supports memory and other cognitive functions such as attention and perception.

Areas of interest include long-term autobiographical episodic and semantic memory, working memory, visual object and face processing, conceptual knowledge, development of episodic and prospective memory, and mental imagery. Journals in which we publish include Brain, Cognition, Neuropsychologia, Cerebral Cortex, Cortex, Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, Journal of Experimental Psychology, Acta Psychologica, and Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.

We are pleased to consider applications from prospective PhD students in any related area of research.

The Memory and Perception Research Area is part of the Brain and Cognition Research Group.


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