Identity and Social Issues Research Area

The Identity and Social Issues Research Area uses psychology to understand important issues that affect society.

We hope our work will help improve the way institutions work and the way we relate to each other. Members of our group have received research funding from a range of sources including the ESRC, British Academy, Government Equality Office, Irish Research Council, Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, Belfast City Council, Blue Light organisations, and industry. Our research examines a range of topics including sex, sexuality and gender, prejudice and discrimination, stigma, mental health and illness, disability, politics, group relations, intergroup contact, interpersonal relationships, body image, social justice, stereotypes, cross-cultural issues, advertising and consumer behaviour. We use both qualitative and quantitative methods in our work, including experiments, surveys, interviews, video analysis of real interactions, and media analysis.

We would welcome enquiries about possible projects, collaborations or PhD study in the areas above. Please contact members of academic staff directly (see personal pages for email address and research interests) or Mick Finlay for any general issues.

The Identity and Social Issues Research Area is part of the Applied, Social and Health Psychology Research Group.


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