Health Psychology Research Area

The Health Psychology Research Area is a dynamic and enthusiastic research group using both quantitative and qualitative methods to address questions about the experience of health and illness (including mental health).

We are interested in the use of medicines and treatment decision-making; the role of psychological and behavioural factors in disease (eg, stress, diet, physical activity); and the experience of health services among patients, carers, and clinicians. Our work has been published in leading journals including: BMJ, BMJ Open, and Diabetes Care: funders include the Wellcome Trust; Diabetes UK; NIHR; and the ESRC.

Applications for PhD supervision are very welcome. Please contact one of the group members listed below.

The Health Psychology Research Area is part of the Applied, Social and Health Psychology Research Group.


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Emma Kaminskiy gave a presentation at the World Psychiatric Association International Congress in Cape Town (18-22nd November 2016).