Autism Research Area

The Autism Research Area was established to investigate aspects of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) that have traditionally received sparse attention.

Our team is made up of researchers, PhD students and undergraduate students. A number of members have personal experience of ASD and this offers the group unique insight into living with the condition.

The team are currently investigating the following areas:

  • girls and women with autism and reasons for misdiagnosis
  • adults over the age of 50 and their experiences of ASD
  • sexuality and sex education for teenagers with ASD
  • sensory processing issues in school children with ASD
  • interoceptive processing and its relation to emotion and empathy.

Our current work has been funded by the Bailey Thomas Trust, Burwell Church Lands Charity, The International Society for Autism Research, the Organization of Autism Research and the R.C. Robinson Trust.

We welcome the inclusion into our group of individuals with ASD or family members from outside of the university, and would love to hear from anyone interested in giving a talk to the group. We maintain a database of schools, organisations and individuals through which we offer information about our work and information on how to participate in our studies. If you would like to be added to the database or have any other queries about the Group, please email

The Autism Research Area is part of the Applied, Social and Health Psychology Research Group.


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