Employer opportunities

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Taking on a placement student can offer a number of great benefits to your organisation.

Our students are able to:

  • offer an enthusiastic and fresh approach to your business needs
  • bring specific skills and current academic knowledge into your workplace
  • provide an excellent solution to resourcing short term projects
  • give you the opportunity to get a head start on recruiting the best graduates for your company;
  • offer a flexible, low-cost recruitment solutions for up to 12 months
  • save you money on expensive recruitment fees and allow you to avoid long term overheads
  • provide your staff with the opportunity to gain experience by supervising or mentoring a student
  • create effective links with Anglia Ruskin University that can benefit your business, both now and in the future.

Frequently asked questions

How long do placements last?

Sandwich placements last around 10-12 months, with most running for a complete calendar year. Placements generally start between July–September, after the student has finished their second year of study. If you are interested in recruiting students on short-term placements or summer projects, we're always happy to try find a solution for your business and give our students experience.

Can small/medium sized businesses get involved?

Yes! We are always eager to engage with smaller businesses and organisations, and have a great deal of experience in doing so. This is an opportunity for you to advertise roles free of charge, and gain business, technical, and strategic input into your company via student project work. We value your input towards our student’s skills development and helping us understand what we can do to engage small businesses on a wider basis.

How much supervision needs to be given to the student?

Your company will need to allocate a Supervisor who will act as the student’s line manager for the duration of the placement. The Supervisor will monitor the student’s progress and development and be available for support and guidance throughout the placement. They will correspond with the student’s academic tutor from time to time and report on the placement experience once the placement is over.

You will also be required to provide the student with a contract, outlining their role and responsibilities, hours, salary, and leave details. We ask that you treat your placement student as an employee from the start and fully incorporate them into your team. You are also expected to meet all health and safety, and liability insurance requirements.

What costs are involved? 

Businesses will need to pay the student a salary, but placement students are great value for money and you don’t need to worry about expensive recruitment costs.

What support will we get from the University?

We are there to support you through each step of the process to ensure that your company and the student have a valuable experience. From helping with the recruitment process and finding the right student for the job, to maintaining contact with you throughout the entire process and making site visits during the year.

We also encourage you to access our talent by getting involved on campus. Our Employability Service organises a range of careers and job fairs where you can meet ARU students, gain exposure for your business and identify talented and eager job seekers. You can speak at our events and share your career journey whilst promoting your company, or take part in our Employer Forums to make sure course content reflects industry needs. Email employability@anglia.ac.uk to find out more.


If your organisation is interested in taking on a placement student, or for any further queries, please contact the Work Placement Team for the Faculty of Science & Engineering at Placements@anglia.ac.uk.