Team GB RACES into first position

You could say that the 2012 Olympics went well for Great Britain and Equestrian. We were the most successful nation in the competition. We knew our horses. And, thanks to RACES, we knew our surfaces too.

RACES, a research and consultancy group made up of staff from Anglia Ruskin, Myerscough College and the UCLan, are passionate about horses and the surfaces they ride on. Think about the grip, the impact and the hardness. Think about the safety, improving welfare and enhancing performances.

We used our knowledge to test and give surface advice for the equestrian arenas for the 2012 Olympics. We also carried out the world's most extensive study into surfaces and health of sports horses in 2014. But we don't want to stop there.

We're looking for our next big project, and most importantly, we're looking to continue improving the equine industry for both the horses and the riders.