How dirty is Heart FM?

What's in your bag? Phone? Keys? E. coli?

After a national paper ran a story of what horrors might be lurking in women's bags, we helped Heart FM's Breakfast Show carry out their own investigation to see just how dirty their presenter, Su, was.

Armed with swabs and equipment we took samples so that we could grow the microorganisms lurking in the depths of Su's handbag back in the microbiology laboratory in Cambridge. The next day we told the radio listeners what we'd found and how to help lower the spread of infection where they live.

We're looking at continuing this work in the future, and we'd love to test new areas too. Perhaps you want to see how clean your doctor's surgery is? Or do you live in fear from the handrails at the station? You might even need to run a report on what substances are in your restaurant. Let us know!

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