Supporting European double digit growth

Our testing expertise and facilities have already helped organisations increase profit, client relationships and opened the door for more people to carry out research.

Working with Salimetrics Europe, the world leaders for the measurement of hormones, cytokines and immune markers, we understood that not all researchers have access to a laboratory or the skills and experience to use Salimetrics Europe's testing kits.

So we created Spit Camp. These training days teach Salimetric Europe's clients how to use testing kits and how to interpret results, increasing kit sales and strengthening client relationships.

We've also analysed over 8,500 saliva and hair samples this year as part of our analysis service for Salimetric Europe's clients who do not have access to their own laboratory, meaning researchers don't have to be experts to do research with salivary biomarkers.

But don't just take our word for it...

"The Spit Camp idea has been an invaluable project and has allowed Salimetrics to enjoy double digit growth throughout Europe and for researchers a unique opportunity to learn from one of the UK's leading experts in this field." Roger Sparrow, Salimetrics Europe