Fellowship opportunity: AXA Research Fund

26 April 2017

The second call for proposals to the AXA Research Fund for postdoctoral fellowships is currently open.

Up to 25 fellowships will be awarded in 2017, at a value up to €130,000 each for between 18 and 24 months. Application is first carried out by the university, so any ARU researcher considering this fellowship should contact observatory@anglia.ac.uk immediately.

Eligible candidates will be no more than three years from award of their PhD (with some flexibility for extenuating circumstance), and will not currently hold a permanent academic position. For many candidates, you will have to explain your past, present, or planned future international mobility, as this is a key driver of the AXA programme.

Eligible fields are defined by AXA as:

Improving the Management of Life & Health Risks, and in particular:

  • Demographics, longevity and aging
  • Prevention, personalized health and behaviour change
  • Population health management
  • Management of chronic & non communicable diseases management and long term care
  • Efficiency of healthcare systems

Improving the Management of Data & Technological Risks, and in particular:

  • Robotics, automation and autonomous vehicles
  • Artificial intelligence, data science & machine learning
  • Cyber risk and protection

Improving the Management of Climate & Environment Risks, and in particular:

  • Risk modelling of natural hazards & weather events
  • Urban resilience
  • Sustainable resource management

Improving the Management of Finance, Insurance and Regulation Risks, and in particular:

  • Asset valuation, risk modelling and behavioral finance
  • Responsible investment strategies & sustainable finance
  • Geopolitical and country risk
  • Systemic risk and macro-economic and societal role of insurance”

The first deadline for this call, for an ARU application, is 15 May 2017.


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