Relationships & Learning Disabilities: A Scoping Study

A pair of hands making a heart shape against a blue sky

People with learning disabilities share the same needs and rights as others, which extends to personal relationships and sexual relationships. Relationships are an important aspect of a fulfilled and meaningful life for many people, yet for people with a learning disability they can experience social isolation, a lack of opportunities to form personal and sexual relationships and restrictions in choices.

This scoping study aimed to explore some of these issues, using the experiences of service providers and commissioners to identify how current services and housing are supporting people with learning disabilities to have relationships. The scoping study also explores what barriers there might be, to identify how we might better support or empower people with learning disabilities to engage in happy and healthy relationships of their choosing.

This project is still ongoing, to find out more please contact Rebecca Chandler.

This project was funded by the Faculty of Health, Education, Medicine & Social Care, Anglia Ruskin University.