About us

The Positive Ageing Research Institute (PARI) is an interdisciplinary research institute, carrying out research to improve our understanding of ageing and life-course processes.

Our mission statement is:
Ageing is a lifelong process and at the Positive Ageing Research Institute (PARI) we aim to promote a more age-inclusive society, by advancing our understanding of ageing and life-course processes - so that we can all age better together.

To deliver our mission, the Positive Ageing Research Institute (PARI) has adopted five key strategic aims:
Deliver excellence in life course and ageing research: The main aim of the PARI is to conduct high quality research that advances understanding of ageing and life-course processes- seeking to promote understanding and improve policy and practice - so that we are all valued at every stage of life.
Translational research: To work closely with stakeholders from public, private and third sector organisations, to ensure that the outputs of our research informs policy and improves services.
Promoting inclusion: To develop research that increases our understanding of inequality in ageing and life-course processes, and to co-produce research that promotes inclusive, healthy and sustainable communities.
Involve older people in our research: To ensure that our research benefits from the experiences and expertise of older people, we will work in partnership with older people whenever possible- aiming to make their voices heard and to influence policy and practice.
Researcher development: To maintain a supportive and intellectually stimulating research environment for all of the staff and students within PARI.