Understanding disability hate crime

Disability hate incidents involve violence or hostility based on prejudice against someone who is disabled. In a climate of increasing hate-related crimes, it is evident that there are still barriers that prevent individuals from reporting these type of incidents.

In collaboration with Essex Police, PIER is launching a new project to identifying the most effective approach to reporting and improving the quality of support offered to vulnerable people involved.

These will delve into five interrelated research areas of focus:

  • current best practice responses to disability hate crime in the UK
  • experiences of victims, especially in relation to repeat victimisation
  • barriers to reporting in Essex and motivations of those that come forward to report
  • experiences of people who report disability hate incidents
  • identify effective methods for increasing reporting rates and appropriate responses to those who have reported hate crime to police.

Project Lead Dr Olivia Smith is an experienced criminology researcher and lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University. Olivia is an expert on court responses to rape and teaches on a range of criminology modules including the modules as Adventures in Criminal Justice, Media & Crime, and Violent Crime.