Improving recruitment from ethnic minority communities

Essex Police are looking to identify any barriers, perceived or otherwise, preventing people in minority communities from applying to join their institution. Using these insights, they seek to identify how best to overcome these barriers to encourage more diversity and inclusion.

In response to these research objectives, whilst recognising the substantial body of existing research and policy innovation in this area, PIER seeks to advance understanding by focusing specifically on existing recruitment pathways into Essex Police. Our research explores how these pathways align with the biographies, expectations and career aspirations of potential minority recruits.

The research will, therefore, consist of five overlapping phases:

  • evaluation of existing evidence and initiatives
  • issue mapping
  • interviews with young adults with ethnic minority backgrounds
  • online survey
  • analysis and dissemination.

Project Lead Dr David Skinner is a Reader in Sociology at Anglia Ruskin University. He has researched and published widely in the field of social studies of science and technology, but has focused his recent work on the ethical and political management of questions around race in relation to the Police Forensic National DNA Database.

Julian Constable, Senior Lecturer in Public Service and Policing Studies at Anglia Ruskin University, will also be contributing to research. He is currently completing a major study of the reform of police training which has followed a cohort of new recruits to an English police service through recruitment, initial training and onwards into the first two years of their police careers.