Hilary Conlan

PhD researcher

Faculty:Faculty of Science and Engineering

School:Life Sciences

Location: Cambridge

Research Supervision:Yes


Research interests

Thesis title

The influence of landscape matrix and food sources on the distribution of insect pollinators in intensively farmed and restored fenland.

Supervisory team

Dr Thomas Ings
Dr Francine Hughes

Research group

Hilary is a member of our Applied Ecology Research Group.

Summary of research

Intensively farmed fenlands appears very poor in insect pollinators. The ditch banks provide a large potential area which may be exploited to enhance pollinator habitat once the current situation and management is understood.

The main aims of the research are to determine the pollinator assemblages found in intensively farmed fenland ditch banks and assess the importance of diversity of pollinator species in relation to pollination services of non-crop flowering plants. Additionally the development of diversity of pollinator species in restored fenland in relation to time under restoration will be assessed and the development of a pollen transfer network model will contrast the management of fenland under restoration with that of intensively farmed fenland.

Recent presentations and conferences

Conference presentations

Presentation: "Fenland ditch banks as pollinator refuges: Environmental variable influence on pollination service measurements.", Insect Pollination and Insects & Sustainable Agriculture Special Interest Groups, Reading University, 2016.

Grant, R. & Conlan, H., 2013. Frog Swarms: Earthquakes Precursors or False Alarms? Animals, 3, pp.962-977.

Conlan, H., 2012. Dingy Skippers on Devil's Dyke. Nature in Cambridge, 54, pp.33-36.

Pankhurst, S., Conlan,H., Rogers, M. & Smith, A., 2010. Survey of Wood Mice (Apademus sylvaticus) on the Isle of Rum, Inner Hebrides. Report for Scottish Natural Heritage.

Conferences attended

RES. Insect Pollination and Sustainable Agriculture Special Interest Group. 2016. Reading University.

Student Conference of Conservation Science, 2016. Cambridge University RES. PG Forum, 2016. Harpur Adams University.

ENTO '15. 2015. Dublin.

9th Annual Research Student Conference 2015. Anglia Ruskin University.

RES. PG Forum.2015. London.

8th Annual Research Student Conference 2014. Anglia Ruskin University.