Medicine placements

Clinical placements are a key part of your learning on the MBChB Medicine degree, with patient and community-related activity starting early in your first year.

In SiP (Systems in Practice), you’ll have several full-day sessions in primary care at general practices, and may include experiences with community and mental health providers, as well as weekly half-day sessions in secondary care in the Essex Acute Trusts.

In PiP (Preparation in Practice), your clinical placements become your dominant learning environment, where you’ll have patient contact in a variety of settings, including primary care, mental health and acute care. You’ll develop a wealth of clinical experience of patients and their problems and learn to look at the patient as a whole, enabling you to pursue a career in medicine where patients’ concerns and problems are central to your practice.

Clinical placements are an exciting opportunity for you to experience the real world of medicine and apply your learning in the practice environment.

During your first three years you’ll attend a combination of hospital and general practice placements alongside activities involving community care, mental health and working in an inter-professional environment.

In each of the first three years, you’ll attend five full-day placements in one GP surgery or a small group of local practices. All of your placements will be Essex-based using Colchester, Basildon, Harlow, Southend and Broomfield hospitals, as well as Essex-based GP practices and community and mental health locations. Some of these hospitals have specialised areas, such as the Burns and Plastics Unit at Broomfield and the Cardiothoracic Centre at Basildon.

At the end of each year you’ll also complete a block placement of several weeks. This may be partly in GP practices or community settings as well as spending more time in the hospitals. You’ll be supported by a lead clinical educator, but working in a multi-professional environment which will give you an opportunity to learn about all aspects of our NHS service.

For some placements you’ll be expected to make your own travel arrangements, at your own cost.

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