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Our course is mapped to the curriculum of the Association for Nutrition (AfN). When you graduate, you can apply for Associate Nutritionist accreditation. We will be supporting you to do this through the development of your portfolio throughout your three years of study.

Nutritionists work in a huge range of places in numerous different roles, for example as public health life style advisors, in the food science industry, supermarkets, labelling, in the media, or even in marketing and branding. Nutritionists and food scientists work across the human lifecycle, covering all ages, life stages and the diversity of the population. Previous graduates from the course have chosen careers paths in wine making, teaching, clinical trials and gastronomy.

Mark Hollingsworth, Chief Executive of the Nutrition Society

“The Applied Nutritional Science degree provides students with a good underpinning scientific knowledge of nutritional science. The course focuses on the effect of the various aspects of nutritional science and the effects of these on the health of our nation – overall the course content is appropriately challenging.

Students are supported with progression to postgraduate study, and developing graduate skills to support a variety of careers within nutritional science ranging from the food industry to clinical nutrition and public health.

Students are encouraged to become Student Members of the Nutrition Society to help further develop their skills from the Society’s training workshops, in addition to providing important opportunities to network with peers and experts within the field of Nutritional Science. The Nutrition Society looks forward to seeing students excel and succeed on the programme, and welcoming them into the nutrition science workforce.”

Careers in Applied Nutritional Science: A-Z (.pdf download)

Meet our students

Nina Heidelmann, graduate

I have enjoyed the variety of subjects in the course. In the first year, a good foundation is created that is built upon in the following two years. I really enjoyed the Clinical and Public Health Nutrition module as well as the Food Science modules as they gave us a variety of skills and allowed us to look at real-life examples. The use of case studies in modules has been very helpful and a multitude of different assignments have helped my learning. In the second year, I very much enjoyed the work-based learning module as this gave me transferrable skills that I can apply in other areas.

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Jack Reed, 3rd year student

Why did you choose this course?
I chose this course because I have a passion for health and nutrition. I enjoy learning about the effect nutrition can have on physiology, and how it can effectively improve health. I take a lot of satisfaction from learning skills that can help others.

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