Vascular Simulation Unit

Virtual reality simulation - now a reality in stroke treatment


Working with the world's leading stroke centres, the Postgraduate Medical Institute (PMI) now offers interdisciplinary, hands-on courses for clinicians and interventionists who care for patients suffering from ischemic strokes (a blocked artery to the brain).

Stroke treatment with extraction of clot directly out of the occluded vessel is a promising new treatment option that is currently being introduced worldwide.

However, stroke intervention with complex mechanical devices requires not only technical expertise, but also clinical knowledge of the disease.

Technical proficiency is of paramount importance for interventionalists but the rarity and nature of the disease makes it impossible to schedule cases.

The PMI's virtual reality simulation course is an effective tool to increase endovascular skills. It enables physicians to train, improve and sustain complex skills in a stress-free environment that does not pose risks to patients.

Professor Iris Grunwald, Neuroscience and Vascular Simulation Unit, said: 'Our specialised training programme is based on extensive clinical experience in this area.'

Course delegates benefit from using the very latest vascular disease simulator, providing realistic haptic feedback. This technology allows physicians to be trained in complicated brain procedures in a stress-free environment, enhancing teamwork and improving decision-making skills and confidence.