Neuro devices

Device Development and Testing

Head of Device Development and Testing

David Watson, Honorary Visiting Professor

Mr. Watson heads medical device invention, development, and validation within the Neuroscience division. He is an honorary visiting professor at ARU since December 2014.

Mr Watson is a seasoned veteran of managing R&D and engineering groups in medical devices and biotech.  He is inventor on 21 issued US patents*, including two of his own self-owned patents in the field of hydrocephalus. 

He has led the development of numerous products from conception through market introduction for almost 30 years.  As VP of R&D for Micrus Endovascular, his department grew from 10 to 60 engineers and technicians while Micrus grew from 18 to nearly 90 million dollars in annual sales in less than 5 years.  That growth was directly attributable to development and market release of at least two new product introductions per year by his team.  In that position, he was the principle contributor to identifying and managing the product introduction portfolio and personally managed the marketing plan each year while also identifying company, technical, and IP acquisitions.  He has managed the IP for several companies. The majority of his patents led to commercially successful devices and were the primary patent covering the broad function of the device.  He was Vice President of R&D for two companies in interventional neuroradiology.

His strongest attribute is developing individuals and building teams to exceed expectations. His experience has been across all medical disciplines and he has worked in, and been a direct contributor as a patent holder in advances in the medical devices, pharmaceutical and biotech industries.  Through his dedication and professionalism, he has developed close and binding personal relationships with numerous physicians world-wide. 

What do we do?

We develop medical devices, perform validation studies and advise on CE-Mark and FDA approval.


Co-inventor of the Silver Winner, Medical Design Excellence Awards 2002.  Strata Hydrocephalic Shunt Valve.  Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry, June 2002.

*US Patent List:

4,823,815*         Tissue Expanding Device and Method of Making Same

5,085,644*         Sterilizable Medication Infusion Device with Dose Recharge Restriction

5,098,411*         Closed End Hollow Stylet Assembly

5,137,529*         Injection Port

5,152,753*         Medication Infusion Device with Dose Recharge Restriction

5,154,693          Flow Control Device having Selectable Alternative Fluid Pathways

5,167,615          Flow Control Device having Selectable Alternative Fluid Pathways

5,176,627*         Implantable Fluid Flow Control Device having Two Piece Base

5,338,291          Glaucoma Shunt and Method of Draining Aqueous Humor

5,387,188          Pulsatile Flow Accommodating Fluid Shunt

5,637,083*         Implantable Adjustable Fluid Flow Control Valve

5,662,600*         Burr-Hole Flow Control Device

5,738,666*         Slit-Tip Ventricular Catheter and Method of Making Same

5,792,104*         Dual-Reservoir Vascular Access Port

5,800,376*         Burr-Hole Flow Control Device

6,852,106          Implantable, Refillable and Ported Controlled Release Drug Delivery Device

6,936,270          Device and Method for Treating Conditions of a Joint

7,763,142          Process for Ingrowth Preventing Indwelling Catheter (Self-owned IP)

8,376,980          Ingrowth Preventing Indwelling Catheter (Self-owned IP)

8,414,524*         Long Nose Manipulatable Catheter

8,597.344          Radiopaque Super-elastic Intravascular Stent

*Invented and managed the development of these successfully marketed medical products and/or product lines that were primarily covered by this intellectual property.

Numerous additional US Patents Pending at this time in the fields of Neurosurgery and Interventional Radiology.