Imaging Core Laboratory

What does ARU Core Laboratory do?

At the ARU Core Laboratory experts in the field score all images and give an independent assessment. This minimises variability, increases data quality and enhances the ability to detect treatment effects.

We assist sponsors in the use of endpoints that depend on the results of imaging tests both in clinical trials of therapeutic drugs and medical devices.

We provide guidance on the imaging standards that we regard as important when imaging is used to assess a primary endpoint, or an endpoint component, in a clinical trial.

We help ensure that imaging data is obtained in a manner that complies with a trial’s protocol, that the quality of imaging data is maintained within and among clinical sites, and that there is a verifiable record of the imaging process.

Information for industry/researchers

Imaging data is used for assessment of structures or pathology and diagnostic or therapeutic patient management. It’s used in the evaluation of medical devices and in drug development and is often a component of the primary or secondary endpoints. Imaging may assist in the assessment of efficacy and safety as well as patient eligibility.

ARU Core Lab Services:

  • Design of Imaging Study Protocols.
  • Design of Imaging Core Lab Clinical Research Forms (CRF's).
  • Identification of the process for imaging transfer from each clinical site including the plan for removal of all patient-identifying information.
  • FDA/CE approved electronic communication with safe data transfer for data vulnerable to a security breach.
  • FDA/CE approved import, processing and export of medical images of various formats. Images and data can be captured, stored, communicated, processed and displayed within the system and across computer networks and distributed locations.
  • Image display and interpretation of images within a clinical trial.
  • Receipt Documentation, and Initial Quality Assessment.
  • State of the art PACS system and highest quality standard for hardware and software components used for maintaining the display presentation mapping between image values and luminance levels under a desired calibration model.

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