Medical Device and Technology Research Group

Medical Device and Technology Research Group at ARU focuses on the research and development of innovative medical technologies and devices with scientific and socioeconomic impacts to address unmet healthcare needs.

The group works across multidisciplinary areas with electronic engineers, medical physicists, computer scientists, clinical consultants, industrial partners, guideline makers, and allied professionals at different stages along the pathway of medical device development and commercialization.

We have earned international reputation in developing novel blood pressure and arterial stiffness measurement techniques, and recent developments on wearable devices and monitoring system for pre-term labour, pregnancy induced hypertension, pneumonia, sleep apnoea and personalised hearing impairment rehabilitation solutions.

Our group has established close research and clinical partnership with Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust, and industry partners to combine academic research with commercial exploitation. We have also been well recognized for promoting knowledge and technology exchanges internationally, building up educational and research collaborations, and facilitating technology adoption in developing countries, including China and countries in Africa, with the aims to promote the adoption of healthcare technologies in these partner countries.

Key members of staff

Prof Dingchang Zheng
Dr Stephen Hughes
Dr Rana Zayadin
Mr Syed Ghufran Khalid
Miss Vera Hartmann
Miss Qiang Qiu
Miss Kunyan Li


Medical Technology Research Group has particular interests in the research, development and evaluation of novel medical procedures, techniques and devices for various healthcare applications (illustration of our fundamental research approach - .pdf download).

On-going projects include:

Development of a uterine electrohysterogram system to predict preterm labor
Respiratory rate monitoring devices for the acute care setting: Device development and evaluation
Development and implementation of medical-grade wearable healthcare monitoring technologies: Present challenges and future prospects
A big-data-centric hearing impairment rehabilitation solution using a novel and affordable hearing aid tailored for tonal language speakers, personalised hearing screening, and online therapeutic calibration and motivation service
Novel engineering solutions for reliable and accurate blood pressure measurement
Innovative techniques for the assessment of arterial compliance

Publications (Last three years)

Gao P, Hao DM, Qiu Q, An Y, Wang Y, Yang L, Yang YM, Zhang S, Li XW, Zheng D. Comparison of electrohysterogram signal measured by surface electrodes with different designs: A computational study with dipole band and abdomen models. Scientific Report 2017; 7:17282. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-17109-3.

Chen M, Chen A, Si X, Ji M, Zheng D. Peripheral arterial volume distensibility changes with applied external pressure: significant difference between arteries with different compliance. Scientific Report 2017; Article Number: 40545; Doi:10.1038/srep40545.

Zhang M, Zhang XM, Chen F, Chen A, Dong B, Zheng D. Effects of room environment and nursing experience on clinical BP measurement: an observational study. Blood Press Monit 2017; 22: 79-85.

Wang Y, Cao L, Hao DM, Rong Y, Yang L, Zhang S, Chen F, Zheng D. Effects of force load, muscle fatigue and extremely low frequency magnetic stimulation on EEG signals during side arm lateral raise task. Physiol Meas 2017; 38:745-758.

Cao L, Wang Y, Hao DM, Rong Y, Yang L, Zhang S, Zheng D. Effects of force load, muscle fatigue, and magnetic stimulation on surface electromyography during side arm lateral raise task: A preliminary study with healthy subjects. BioMed Research International 2017; Article ID 8943850, Doi: 10.1155/2017/8943850


Contact us

Prof Dingchang Zheng
Professor of Medical Technology Innovation, Department of Medical Science and Public Health
Faculty of Medical Science, Anglia Ruskin University
Phone: +44 (0) 1245 684941