Promoting physical activity and decreasing sedentary behaviour

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Promoting physical activity and decreasing sedentary behaviour across the lifespan is one of the key research area of our Child and Family Health Behaviour Research Group.

STEALTH: Promoting Physical Activity Across the Lifespan through Play
Principal Investigator: Smith, L.
Co-Investigators: Solomon, E. Kesten, J. Prue, G. Gough, A.
Funded by Cancer Research UK from 1 December 2017-1 May 2017

Research has shown that it is difficult to engage children in structured exercise and sport. Although children are willing to participate in active play, this behaviour does not track across the life span. Since cellular damage from an inactive lifestyle likely accumulates over time it is essential that we promote sustainable physical activity to aid in the prevention of specific diseases, such as cancer. Cancer Research UK awarded funding to Dr Lee Smith to develop an intervention to promote active outdoor play across the life span. A series of active games, appropriate for all ages, will be developed and piloted to family units.