Infant feeding and physical activity

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Infant feeding and physical activity is one of the key research area of our Child and Family Health Behaviour Research Group.

Proactive Assessment of Obesity Risk during Infancy (ProAsk)
Grant holders: Redsell, S.A., Glazebrook, C., Wharrad, H., Swift, J., Weng, S., Nathan, D., Siriwardena, A.N.S., Lakshman, R., Ong, K. and McMaster, F.
Funded by the Medical Research Council from 1 September 2014–28 February 2016.

ProAsk is an interactive digital tool delivered on a tablet device. It calculates an infant’s risk of overweight using a validated algorithm based on childhood overweight risk factors. It enables health visitors to feedback to parents an infant’s risk of becoming overweight as a child compared to other infants and contains suggestions about ways parents can make healthy changes to reduce the risk for their infant.

A feasibility study of the implementation of ProAsk with UK Health Visitors was conducted in four deprived localities. Parents of infants six to eight weeks old were recruited to the study and the ProAsk assessment was completed with 53 infants when they were three months old. Data were collected on recruitment, response and retention rates and infant risk factors. Parents (n=12) and HVs (n=14) took part in qualitative interviews to assess the acceptability of ProAsk.