Our International Alumni Ambassadors are volunteer alumni around the world who represent us in their home country. Our Alumni Ambassadors from Europe are happy to be the point of contact between Anglia Ruskin and alumni in their respective countries, helping us to maintain our relationship with our international alumni and those living and working overseas. Our ambassadors help host events for fellow alumni, serve as a contact for students in their area who are interested in Anglia Ruskin, and assist our academic staff and students travelling or studying abroad.

We’d like to expand our Ambassador Network to cover as many countries as possible, so have a look below and if there isn’t an Ambassador in your country and you’d like to volunteer, please send us an email by clicking the yellow button below. 

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Our Ambassadors


Ambassador: Jukka Aminoff
City of residence: Helsinki
Studied: MA Marketing & Innovation, 2012


Ambassador: Yelda Celebi Aksit
City of residence: Mugla, Bodrum
Studied: LLB Law, 2006

Anglia Ruskin overseas

Our staff and our academics often travel overseas. To keep up with where they will be next, visit our country pages for information on the events they'll be at next.

You can also help us at our international recruitment events and meet prospective students. If you’d like to meet with our representatives and catch up with what’s going on at Anglia Ruskin, please email us at

British Council

The British Council is an organisation with a presence in over 100 countries. If we know about any overseas British Council events, we’ll post this information on the Events & Lectures section of the Alumni News page. If you’d like to receive invites for these events, please make sure we have your email address. You can also visit the British Council website to see if there’s anything happening in your country that may be of interest to you.