Public Health a Holistic Approach: mapping and understanding health behaviours

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Professor Smith will take you on a journey through his research career to date explaining the research methods he employs, discussing key research topics and findings, the social and societal impact of his research, and where his research findings lead to next. He will discuss his research in relation to physical activity, sedentary behaviour and health; sexual activity and health (the family friendly version…), and his work with special populations.

Professor Smith, Professor of Public Health at ARU, has a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science, an MSc in Public Health, and a PhD in Epidemiology. His research focuses on the relationship between lifestyle behaviours and health outcomes. Such as the relationship between sedentary behaviour and physical health or sexual activity and mental health or bullying/victimization and social behaviour. As well as focusing on the various lifestyle behaviours and health outcomes his research spans multiple populations focusing on the general population and research across the life course, low-and-middle income countries, and homeless communities. To date he has published in excess of 550 peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts and holds/ has held in excess of £5000,000 in research funding.

Twitter: @Activebuildings

There will be a drinks reception from 18.00 and the lecture will start at 18.30-19.30.

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