Fighting fibrosis

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42% of deaths in developed countries are due to some kind of fibrotic disease. Despite efforts over the last 50 years, there is still no cure. Treatment options are limited.

Fibrosis occurs when the body produces too much scar tissue, doing more harm than good. It can affect any organ and can be deadly.

During the pandemic, interest in fibrotic disease has increased due to COVID-19 infections causing some patients to develop it in the lungs, hearts and kidneys.

This lecture will review the past and current landscape of anti-fibrotic drugs, the challenges the field is facing and propose new solutions.

Selim Cellek is a Professor of Health and Biomedicine, co-founder and the former director of our Medical Technology Research Centre here at ARU. He leads the Fibrosis Research Group which focuses on discovery and development of novel anti-fibrotic drugs through phenotypic screening assays.

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