Judo and the art of falling

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Someone fallen over on pavement with shopping around them, another person in background calling to help
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Take part in a practical workshop, run by a qualified British Judo Association Coach, Katrina McDonald, Anglia Ruskin University. You will be taught Ukemi which is a Japanese term meaning falling safely. You will be taught different safe falling principles and techniques depending on your age and ability.

Please wear loose fitting clothes which are easy to move around in. For your safety you will be asked to take part barefoot. Judo mats are provided.

There will be three sessions, two for families – all ages are welcome, and one for 50+.

  • Session 1: 11.00-11.45 (for families)
  • Session 2: 13.00-13.45 (for 50+)
  • Session 3: 15.00-15.45 (for families)

Katrina McDonald is a Senior Lecturer in Sport Coaching and PE at Anglia Ruskin University. Her research interests focus on qualitative research methods and the coaching domain. Her real passion is in judo and teaching people how to use judo principles to fall safely.
Twitter: @katmcd333

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