Generating the foundations of self

A sleeping child with a Green Man face looking over her
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Generating the foundations of Self is an interactive and immersive exhibit showcasing the work of the Self and Body Lab at Anglia Ruskin University. The exhibit explores how the foundations of the sense of self are generated by looking at the different aspects of what makes me Me.

Through an interactive exploration of the different methodologies and tools used in research, you will learn more about how stimuli from outside of the body and stimuli from inside of the body [heart, gut etc.] contribute to our sense of self, as well as how disruptions to our sense of self may impact our experience of our bodies during dreaming.

Facilitators Matt Gwyther, Utkarsh Gupta and Jennifer Todd are part of the Self and Body Lab in the School of Psychology and Sport Science at Anglia Ruskin University. Their research considers questions such as: What is a Self? How does our brain generate the conscious experiencer of our lives? What is the relation between the physical self - the body - and the mental self?

Drop in 17.00-20.00.