Saying ‘why’ to drugs

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Pills of various shapes and colours

Alcohol, weed, paracetamol, coffee… From the legal to the illegal, we all take drugs.

Some take drugs for pain and others to wake up, or relax. Drugs can also be used for more sinister reasons - Rohypnol aka ‘roofie’ has become infamous in sexual assaults. 

Society’s relationship with drugs is complex. The 1970s saw the initiation of the ‘war on drugs’ campaign which damned recreational drugs, but since this ‘war’ started drug use and abuse has increased. 

So, it’s time to start talking about what they are, why we take them and the effects they have on us – for better or worse - because they’re not going away any time soon. 

Join University of Liverpool psychologist Dr Suzi Gage (Say Why To Drugs author and podcast host), analytical chemist Dr Lata Gautam (ARU) and Riya-Nareshkumar Gadhavi (2020-21 ARU Students’ Union VP of Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care) to discuss the role drugs play amongst University Students and society as a whole.  

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