Who's driving innovation?

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When diversity is at the forefront of a company’s strategy, true innovation is harnessed and the opportunity for growth becomes endless. 

Yet, in the science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) industrial workforce – a sector which the UK prides itself on for innovation - diversity is still severely lacking. 

Lynn Martin, researcher in entrepreneurship and innovation from Anglia Ruskin University, talks with Floriane Fidegnon-Edoh, Head of Industry, Technology and Innovation at Policy Connect and manufacturing engineer, about their personal experiences of researching and working in the UK innovation sector. 

Together, they’ll discuss the role of intersectionality - the idea that a person has various identities which combine to create different degrees of privilege and discrimination – and its impact on the people driving the innovation industry. They will also share insights into how companies can better support under-represented employees in the sector to thrive. 

As more people from diverse backgrounds take on leadership roles, it’s vital their voices are heard so others can follow in their footsteps.

Book via the British Science Festival website
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