Tackling child sex abuse

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Hands holding a picture of a young girl, with other photos spread on a surface in the background

Over 60,000 sex offenders are managed by police across England and Wales.

The significant demands on the criminal justice system and public sector workers to investigate, prosecute and oversee sexual offenders, have overtaken their ability to deliver. This strain has major impacts on public confidence in our current system.

Join investigative psychologist and Director of the Policing Institute for the Eastern Region at ARU, Dr Samantha Lundrigan and a leading police practitioner for a frank and open discussion about the need for a new approach that effectively combats sexual crimes against children. 

With the emotionally charged dialogue around this subject, there can be resistance towards potential solutions that are seen as too controversial. This panel will explore the challenges faced in the crumbling current system and delve into what the research suggests about how we can protect society's most vulnerable. 

Book via the British Science Festival website
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