Preventing preventable blindness

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A pair of glasses being held up in front of a sunny street

Across the world millions of people are living with preventable blindness. 

Collaborating with a global network of 102 leading eyesight researchers including the World Health Organization (WHO), Anglia Ruskin University’s (ARU) research is contributing to the most comprehensive dataset on global blindness.  

Less economically developed countries have more issues with vision loss. This is largely a result of reduced access to healthcare and less education about how certain diseases, like diabetes, affect eye health. 

With 80% of the world’s blindness either avoidable or treatable, optometrists Shahina Pardhan and Rupert Bourne from ARU’s Vision and Eye Research Institute discuss the vital work that is and needs to happen to ensure people get the information and treatment they need. 

Book via the British Science Festival website
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