Lockdown lowdown: how we lived

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Postcards with 'stay home', 'be safe', 'keep your distance', 'don't go out!', 'write a letter', 'read a book', 'online chat' and 'phone a friend' written on them, with a finger pointing to 'online chat'

From changes in how often we drank alcohol, had sex, or simply looked after ourselves – social distancing and self-isolation impacted our wellbeing. But was it all bad?

Epidemiologist Lee Smith, who oversees Anglia Ruskin University’s COVID-19 research group, shares his experiences and insights from coordinating a national survey tracking how we lived during this strange and turbulent era. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic first took hold, we had no idea we’d be heading in and out of lockdowns for the foreseeable future. 

These measures were necessary to stop the virus spreading and overwhelming the NHS. 

Regardless, there was concern that lack of physical contact, in-person socialisation and ability to exercise would seriously impact people’s mental and physical health. 

While measures had profound effects on society, some were surprisingly positive.   

Book via the British Science Festival website
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