Instruments for stroke recovery

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Hands playing a piano

Music therapy can help stroke patients recover.

Every year 100,000 people in the UK have strokes. Many are left with issues in their movement, and ability to process and communicate information. 

Effective ‘neurorehabilitation’ – the process that aids recovery from brain disorders like strokes – is key to a patient being able to re-learn such skills.  

Repetition is fundamental to neurorehabilitation, and research from Anglia Ruskin University has shown that music therapy can play a vital role. Not only is music full of repetition, but it also makes people feel at ease – from the patients to medical staff and carers. 

ARU music therapist and neurorehabilitation researcher, Dr Alex Street sits down with Jodie Bloska (ARU) and Tony Rawson (Music Street) to share their personal and lived experiences of the profound impact music therapy has had on their stroke recovery journey, and what this can mean for future patients.  

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