I, carer

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A robot's hand

Would you want a robot to care for you in later life? With 110,000 vacancies in the social care sector, we may soon see a new major role for robotics within the aging population.

Join Pamela Knight-Davidson (Positive Ageing Research Institute, Anglia Ruskin University) to discuss the technological innovations taking place in the fields of AI and robotics for older citizens, and their moral and ethical implications for society. This one-off event is part of the British Science Festival in Chelmsford.

Providing everything from personal shopper services to companionship, robotics is playing an increasing role in caring for the elderly in the UK and around the world. Pamela, alongside a panel of researchers, local authority social care experts and those with lived experience of the specific needs of the older generation, will explore how our elders can remain independent through the use of new technology.

Book via the British Science Festival website
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