Energy, power and empowerment

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Aerial view of buildings with solar panels

What does your energy have to do with justice and democracy?

In today’s world, fossil fuel-based power and capitalism has led to increasing inequality – of income, wealth and resource ownership. Not everyone has access to safe and affordable energy and energy poverty is on the rise. 

As the world moves towards greener energy systems, could these alternatives offer more than just clean electricity and pollution reduction?

Dr Rosie Robison (ARU) discusses the ways it could address key societal issues through the potential to redistribute jobs, wealth, health and political power more fairly.  

With new ‘citizen assemblies’, allowing the general public to answer important questions around energy and justice, your input is more important than ever. Whether the renewable energy transition delivers on redistributing power comes with its challenges.

Rosie provides a valuable lens to exploring ‘who wins, who loses, how and why?’ 

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