Innovation Accelerator Partnerships

Working together to build a better future

Our university is at the heart of a number of consortia that are engaged in ‘open’ innovation.

Stakeholders from both the private and public sector are benefiting from working in partnership with us. We provide a range of qualities including objective strategic overview, academic expertise, research capabilities, infrastructure, business support and facilities. Through these consortia we are able to share the risk and reward and deliver the following benefits to our partners:

  • Access to research and development funding to de-risk the development of innovative solutions and capabilities
  • Development of in-depth understanding of the current and future challenges and opportunities within specific sectors
  • Development of innovative capabilities and solutions which are both scalable and transferrable to maximise return on investment and commercial income
  • Access to complementary capabilities and resources in other partner organisations
  • Opportunity to inform and lead innovative research and development
  • Opportunity to influence policy and decision making on a number of levels

We currently have four sector initiatives running:

    • Smart and Assisted Living
    • Future Cities
    • Blue Lights
    • Digital and Creative

Get in touch

If you would like to find out more about joining our innovation network, contact

James Smith, Sector Project Officer
+44 (0)1245 683505