Contract research

Choose Anglia Ruskin University as your collaborative partner, and we’ll help you find the answer to your business issue. Through our contract research service, we’ll connect you to academics with relevant expertise in a field most suitable to answering your questions.

Our expertise

We have over 1,000 academics in many disciplines ranging from marketing and project management to medical innovation and digital technologies. The breadth and depth of our expertise means we are able to work with a range of organisations. Search our Experts’ Directory to learn more or contact one of our dedicated Partnership Development Managers for help and advice. You’ll find their details below. 

Our Clients

To date, we have helped over 2,000 organisations in the East of England, from Councils and charities to large corporations and educational establishments. 

Case Studies

Innovation 50 is one of our most recent examples of contract research. It’s a three-year project commissioned by Essex County Council, which aims to identify the most successful and growing SMEs across Essex in order to find out more about their success and growth. Fifty up-and-coming businesses will be offered help and support from the Council’s Essex Innovation Programme, along with academic insight and expertise from Anglia Ruskin.

Want to partner with us?

Our Partnership Development Managers are business-friendly people. Good at listening and understanding a client’s brief, they can help you quickly identify a suitable academic in your desired field, and answer any questions you might have about confidentiality, intellectual property or costings.

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Specialisms: ageing and age-related conditions (e.g. dementia), veterans, mental health, early childhood
Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education
Graeme Hodgson

01223 698955

Specialisms: digital and creative (e.g. virtual reality, gamification, performance and science fiction) criminology, art and music therapy
Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Amy Wilson

01223 695129

Specialisms: Leadership and management, marketing, financial services, public sector strategy
Faculty of Business and Law
Julian Gibbs

01245 686870

Specialisms: big data and internet of things, additive manufacturing and engineering, construction and building performance, cyber security, forensics, artificial intelligence, sports science, consumer psychology
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Professor Michael Cole
01223 698525

Specialisms: medical technology, clinical trials, neuroscience and vascular, vision and eye, molecular genetics, cardiovascular (heart and lung) and thoracic (chest), gait and motion analysis.
Faculty of Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
Aimi MacCormac
01245 684857