Big Pitch Winners 2016

Our winner

Forgotten Spaces, Lost Faces by Lucy Tushingham - £10,000 & Provide’s award (£3,000)
Forgotten Spaces, Lost Faces seeks to develop highly flexible flat-packed emergency accommodation. From providing shelter for the homeless or those involved in natural disasters to ‘glamping’ at music festivals, this innovative product idea has many potential applications.


Carebind by Ryan Seymour & Billy Hadlow - £5,000
Carebind Home Care Management Software uses cutting edge technology to provide support for carers looking after people in their own homes. They seek to establish the first free Care Management software platform, charging monthly fees only for large companies.

Literally Wonderland Café Theatre by Connie Dent - £3,000
Using the theme of Alice in Wonderland, Literally Wonderland Café Theatre offers a unique theatrical experience. Providing coffee and cake throughout the day within a themed environment, in the evening, dinner is accompanied by a full theatre performance by professional actors.

Package of Hope by Tania Khan - Allia Award of One Year Free Membership of The Future Business Centre in Cambridge
Package of Hope provides parents of children suffering from Down Syndrome with positive, inspirational stories and helpful, practical information. Countering the current range of materials available which often create fear and anxiety, Package of Hope will produce a book offering a future full of confidence and hope for the parents of Down Syndrome children.