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Company Profile

Russian Railways is one of the three largest transport companies in the world and one of Russia’s biggest employers. They employ over one million staff and nearly 150 associated companies in areas as diverse as freight transport, passenger traffic, logistics, production and engineering.

Our challenge

To work with Russian Railways and their UK agent Knowledge Associates Cambridge to develop an international management learning programme to enable the expansion and development of the Russian Railways brand.

Our solution

Degrees at Work and Knowledge Associates Cambridge worked with Russian Railways to provide a training programme for their management team. This programme is delivered to Russian Railways’ senior executives in English by Anglia Ruskin academics, with simultaneous interpretation through headphones. The next level of management is then taught in Russian by their own training team at their Corporate University in Shcherbinka, near Moscow.

What Russian Railways say

"The holding company of Russian Railways is integrating in the global transport market, establishing partnerships with foreign railways. The world is changing rapidly, and the best business practices are produced in close co-operation with reputable academic schools and experts in the field of knowledge management."

Vladimir Yakunin, President of Russian Railways

Knowledge Associates Cambridge
What Knowledge Associates say

"This is a unique opportunity to combine the highest standard of management education, offered by Anglia Ruskin University through its Degrees at Work programme, with the leading corporate knowledge management methods and tools, offered by Knowledge Associates Cambridge, to provide Russian Railways with world class knowledge-driven leadership."

Ron Young, CEO of Knowledge Associates