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We partnered with Harrods' Learning and Development team to created a work-based programme of study for their sales professionals.

Harrods staff study with us through a blend of face-to-face teaching at the store in Knightsbridge, online learning and work-based assessment.

Company Profile

Harrods is London’s premier luxury retail outlet, world famous for its motto: omnia omnibus obique – ‘All things for all people, everywhere’ and for giving their customers exemplary service for over 155 years. With over 1 million square feet of retailing floor area across 330 departments, Harrods prides itself on providing a shopping experience unlike any other. With a worldwide reputation for quality and excellence – and some 3, 500 staff – Harrods have developed an in-house training Academy for their top Sales Associates.

Our challenge

To partner with Harrods’ Learning and Development team to build an accelerated, work-based programme of study for their valued Sales Professionals, incorporating the Harrods Sales Academy. The delivery of the programme must accommodate the store’s business cycles and peak trading times: two Harrods ‘Sales’ (January and July), Christmas and summer tourist seasons – and of course, the training must result in more sales being achieved!

Our solution

Harrods staff study with Anglia Ruskin through our Degrees at Work work-based learning programme. We offer a blend of face-to-face teaching onsite in Knightsbridge, online learning, content supported and created by sector experts, and work-based assessment. The projects are co-designed with senior Harrods Retail Managers to ensure that selling time on the shop floor is optimised and that both theory and practice together contribute to improved performance. Successful participants graduate with a BA (Hons) Sales.

What Harrods say

"At Harrods we like to push the boundaries and whenever we do something, we want it to be the best. We will try and think creatively and thing that I liked about Anglia Ruskin after our initial meetings was that actually I think they shared those same values.

The key thing I would credit Anglia Ruskin University with, is their openness and their willingness to be innovative and think of new ideas. We wanted to create a world class sales course and Anglia Ruskin was really open to exploring what this qualification could be."

Arkin Salih, Learning and Development Manager, Harrods

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