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The Chartered Institute of Housing is the professional body for the housing sector, set up to help and support housing professionals and influence housing policy. Formed in 1916, they now operate in 20 countries across five continents, with members in both the public and private sector.

Our challenge

To create a work-based degree course designed specifically for those working in the housing sector. It needed to be flexible, affordable and relevant to the ever-changing world of social housing. The course also needed to fit in with the CIH’s membership requirements so that graduates could apply for Chartered Membership.

Our solution

Our Foundation Degree in Management of Social and Affordable Housing received a great reception from the sector and has grown to become the only online degree accredited by the CIH. It stands out from the crowd because it has been developed in consultation with the sector, in order to develop the key management skills required in a rapidly changing world. Students completing the course are able to apply to become Chartered Members of the CIH.

"With this course we took a new approach to developing skills in housing. We consulted with the sector and found a very strong demand for the practical skills that enable people to respond to a rapidly evolving environment - for example change management, leadership, commercial awareness, project management, customer service and multi-agency working.

It struck us that the sector was asking for a course that covered diverse subject areas; perhaps unsurprisingly given the complex nature of housing. We decided that this was a great opportunity to bring together our expertise in Social Policy, Social Work, Business and the Built Environment in order to design a new programme that reflects the needs of the sector."

Tom Taylor, Principal Consultant, Degrees at Work

What the CIH says

"Working in housing is a noble profession. We need committed, enthusiastic people with the right skills and the right training to take forward the vision of a society where everyone has a decent place to live and where they can achieve their ambitions. This is why we support the creation of this new distance learning course from Anglia Ruskin University. It will provide a much needed focus for housing training and will help to support the affordable housing sector to train the leaders of the future."

Colin Wiles, Fellow, CIH

The panel was unanimous in praising the University for the development of a programme which is both flexible and firmly based on the needs of local employers combined with meeting the CIH membership requirements
Roger Keller
Head of Education, CIH

Work-based degrees for Social Housing professionals