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Company Profile

Cambridge Regional College is one of the largest Further Education colleges in the region, providing full-time and part-time courses, apprenticeships and Higher Education programmes.

Our challenge

To provide Cambridge Regional College with a training programme for their community managers, that combines theory and best practice with work-related learning.

Our solution

We worked with Cambridge Regional College to develop a series of Masterclasses for their community managers.

What Cambridge Regional College say

"Cambridge Regional College has worked with Anglia Ruskin University to develop an innovative programme of Masterclasses to develop our community of managers. The programme has been developed with colleagues at the University with the aim of linking the working practices of our managers with both theory and best practice models to maximise our effectiveness and efficiency.

Dr Jonathan Smith from Anglia Ruskin’s Faculty of Business and Law has been invaluable in helping us to identify our development needs and has proved to be an excellent facilitator of our Masterclass programme."

Laurence Wells, Assistant Principal Innovation & Quality, Cambridge Regional College